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The Credit Pros Review for 2021

Healthy credit is one of the most important elements of personal finance. Good and Excellent credit scores enable borrowers to acquire credit at reasonable rates and preferential terms. Unfortunately, credit scores can drop due to financial mismanagement or external factors such as duplicate inquiries or invalid loan information.

Thankfully, credit repair companies like The Credit Pros exist to streamline your finances and help you understand your credit score while disputing negative remarks on your behalf. 

This review will discuss who The Credit Pros are and how they operate to determine if they are a good fit for your credit situation.

Company Background

The Credit Pros were founded by Jason Kaplan in Newark, New Jersey, in 2009. Kaplan is a credit attorney well known for his advanced approach to helping his clients with their credit scores and overall financial management. 

Contact Information for The Credit Pros

Contacting The Credit Pros is straightforward. You can reach them online at their website, where you can submit a contact request for a complimentary credit consultation, or you can call the Credit Pros customer service number at 800-411-3050. 

How Does The Credit Pros Credit Repair work?

The first step in The Credit Pros service is the complimentary consultation where a credit advisor will discuss your credit report, areas for potential improvement, and what they will do for you if you sign on with their service. 

If you decide to work with The Credit Pros, they will help you create an online client account and download their mobile app so you can track their progress and any updates made to your credit report. The Credit Pros website has a dedicated page for client logins which is secure and available 24/7.

Plan Options

The Credit Pros offer three different plans as part of their service, but only two of these are focused on credit repair. Their base package is a monthly subscription to a variety of money management tools and offers to help consumers take control of their finances and understand where their money is going.

Credit Sentry Monitoring

This is the most basic monthly service from The Credit Pros, and it is a credit monitoring service. Credit Sentry provides access to a TransUnion credit score, monthly TransUnion credit monitoring, and a comprehensive TransUnion credit report.

Money Management

Money Management is The Credit Pro’s base plan, and it offers subscriptions to Credit Sentry plus ID Cover and Cash Rules. 

ID Cover is an identity protection service that aims to reduce fraudulent purchases and activity and protect your identity from scammers. The ID Cover service includes features like dark web monitoring, change of address monitoring, social media monitoring, and more.

Cash Rules is a budgeting aid that consolidates due bill dates, budget planning software, and an all-in-one account sync so you can monitor all of your bank and credit accounts in one dashboard. 

Prosperity Package

The Prosperity Package is The Credit Pros’ first credit repair tier, and it includes everything from their Money management tier plus a suite of The Credit Pros proprietary services.

Much of the Credit Pros philosophy involves proactive money management, and the first step in the Prosperity Package is a three-credit bureau restoration. The Credit Pros will consolidate your details and obtain a credit report from all three major credit bureaus to identify erroneous remarks, inquiries that should have rolled off and send debt validation requests if necessary.

The next step will be to advise the customer on debt repayment strategies such as a debt snowball or a debt avalanche. These are two of the most powerful ways to pay a debt, and each has advantages and disadvantages. Snowballing requires you to focus all efforts on paying down your smallest balance, and once that is complete, shifting efforts on the next biggest balance until you have built enough momentum to tackle your largest debts. Avalanching prioritizes debt with the highest interest rate and paying those balances first, and then moving to lower interest rate balances in order of magnitude. This method can save thousands of dollars in interest expense over the long run, but can be more discouraging than snowballing if you’re not actually seeing balances disappear.

The Prosperity Package also includes access to the TCP Legal Network, which can file disputes on your behalf and leverage their credit law expertise for you.

Success Package

The Success Package includes everything in the Money Management and Prosperity Packages and enhanced credit building features. Subscribers to this plan will receive access to Slash Rx, which is a discount service for prescription medicine that they claim can knock up to 80% off the retail price.

The Credit Pros have a financial partnership with Hutton Chase, which provides access to a guaranteed $1,500 line of credit for consumers who are rebuilding their credit. This allows you access to a secured credit card that will be reported back to the bureaus as you use it. The goal is not to extend more debt, but to be able to report back positive payment history to build your credit score. Hutton Chase reports to Experian and TransUnion and offers secured credit cards without an additional hard credit inquiry. Qualifying for The Credit Pros line of credit is a powerful benefit for the Success Package, especially if acquiring new credit has been difficult. 

The Credit Pros Features

The Credit Pros place emphasis on overall financial health as a core part of their business model. Although they are not as detailed with their credit repair methodologies as other credit repair companies, they generally have favorable reviews, and they will send unlimited dispute letters on your behalf, as well as goodwill letters to creditors. 

If collections agencies don’t leave you alone, The Credit Pros will also send cease and desist letters for you which can provide immense relief and peace of mind while you are rebuilding your credit.  

What type of negative items can The Credit Pros help with?

The Credit Pros can help remove many of the most common negative items on your credit report, including:

  • Duplicate inquiries
  • Bankruptcy
  • Late payments
  • Collections and Charge-offs
  • Identity theft
  • Repossessions, and more

The Credit Pros Pricing 

There are four tiers to The Credit Pros service starting at $19 per month:

  • Credit Sentry Monitoring – $19 initial fee + $19 per month
  • Money Management – $119 initial fee + $69 per month
  • Prosperity Package – $119 initial fee + $119 per month
  • Success Package – $149 initial fee + $149 per month

Pros (What we like)

  • Fantastic financial management tools 
  • Success Plan Credit Partners
  • 90-day money-back guarantee

Cons (What we don’t like)

  • You could be oversold on services you don’t need
  • No online chat options
  • Vague operating descriptions compared to competitors 

The Credit Pros Online Reviews 

As of November 2021, the Credit Pros generally had favorable reviews with 4.0/5 stars on Google on 310 reviews. Many of the positive reviews are about exceptional customer service and quick response times. Trustpilot gives The Credit Pros a 4.8 exceptional review out of 214 reviews which is very high for this industry.

However, The Credit Pros BBB profile is 2.49/5 stars from 35 reviewers. The company is not currently accredited, which is surprising given the positive reviews on Google and Trustpilot.

The Credit Pros Complaints

Many of the poor reviews and complaints revolve around inefficiency or The Credit Pros’ inability to improve credit scores. This is a common complaint among credit repair companies, and I wonder if there is a disconnect between consumer expectations and what a credit repair company can actually accomplish.

What to expect after you sign up with The Credit Pros

Once you sign up with The Credit Pros, you will receive a dedicated credit advisor or team of advisors to begin the credit repair process. The next step will be to compile your credit data and reports and any outstanding information that will help The Credit Pros build out your profile and accurately represent you to the credit bureaus and creditors.

If they need additional information, they will reach out, so it is imperative that you respond in a timely fashion to avoid any delays. 

How to Cancel The Credit Pros

Canceling your Credit Pros subscription is easy and requires you to either call them or submit a request by email. 

The Credit Pros offer an online guarantee that you can cancel your service at any time, you can rest assured that your data will be safe, and they will not overpromise on what they can do for your credit report. 


Do credit repair companies really help?

Short answer – yes. Credit repair companies are often experts in credit law and nuances, which can be difficult to navigate, especially if you are in a precarious financial situation. Credit repair companies specialize in scouring your credit report for questionable items and duplicate inquiries, which may be hard to spot without a trained eye.

While anyone can begin the credit repair process on their own and even be successful, the main dilemma centers around the opportunity cost. Negotiating with creditors and credit bureaus can be tedious and time-consuming, so if the monthly subscription for a credit repair service is reasonable, you may be in a better position if you let the experts handle it and focus your efforts on strengthening your personal finance habits. 

What states does The Credit Pros operate in?

The Credit Pros is based in New Jersey and offers its services across the country. They issue a disclaimer on their website in their terms and conditions that not all of their services may be available in all states at all times, so confirm with your credit advisor before starting a monthly subscription with The Credit Pros. The coverage seems to shift from time to time, but is available in most US locations.

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