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Ovation Credit Repair Review for 2021

Every single American has to be aware of and manage their credit score. Why? Good credit scores enable borrowers to qualify for competitive interest rates and higher loan balances. However, lower credit scores have the opposite implication.

If your credit is suffering, you may have considered looking into a credit repair service. Companies like Ovation Credit Repair provide services ranging from credit analysis to filing dispute letters on your behalf with the credit bureaus to remove duplicate derogatory inquiries and provide reliable credit monitoring.

Although Ovation Credit Repair cannot guarantee an improved credit score, they will do their best to help you clean up your credit and file disputes where possible.

Company Background

Ovation Credit Repair is LendingTree’s credit repair arm, and they have been in business since 2004. They are headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, and they have helped thousands of customers with their credit reports since the company’s founding.

Contact Information for Ovation Credit Repair

Getting in touch with Ovation Credit Repair is easy. They have a robust website that provides plenty of resources for potential customers that are curious about credit repair and Credit Management. You can reach them by phone at 866-639-3426, or you can use their digital signup option to schedule a time for a complimentary consultation to discuss your credit situation. 

How Does Ovation Credit Repair work?

Ovation Credit Repair starts the credit repair process with a consultation to identify areas of improvement and your credit report. If you decide to purchase one of their plans, they will begin working on your profile.

Ovation Credit Repair goes the extra mile for potential customers by providing a free credit analysis report and a detailed meeting with a credit analyst to help consumers understand the different components of their credit score and how Ovation Credit Repair may be able to help.

Plan Options

Suppose you decide that Ovation Credit Repair is a good fit for your credit situation. In that case, you will be assigned a personal credit advisor, and you will be prompted to create an online profile on the Ovation credit service platform where you can log in and view your dashboard.

Essentials Plan

Most credit situations will fall under the essentials plan umbrella. The essentials plan provides everything that most consumers generally need to begin the credit restoration process. 

Services include:

  • Personalized dispute options – your credit advisor and Ovation Credit Repair’s proprietary software will review your credit report line by line and send dispute letters to lenders and credit bureaus if there are erroneous or unverifiable Inquiries or marks.
  • Access to a team of expert credit advisors – Ovation Credit Repair has dedicated credit analysts and advisers to work on your behalf and help guide you through the credit review process. Any updates to your credit score or case will show up in your online portal, and you will receive email notifications whenever your credit score is updated.
  • Financial management tools – Ovation Credit Repair believes education is the cornerstone for developing effective and positive financial habits. Along with the credit repair service, subscribers receive budgeting tools, debt management templates, and more.

Essentials Plus Plan

The essentials plus plan is Ovation Credit Repair’s most in-depth credit repair service. Consumers with consistent debt validation struggles and loan approval may find the essentials plus plan to have extra capabilities to provide peace of mind and improve their credit score.

The essentials plus plan includes everything from the essentials plan plus four additional services:

  • Unlimited challenge validation letters – Some items on your credit report can be difficult to validate, and creditors may drag their feet if you ask for proof of debt on your credit report. Ovation will send unlimited custom dispute letters to help you validate any outstanding debt and remove any duplicate or erroneous debts on your report.
  •  Unlimited creditor goodwill letters – If you are in good standing with a creditor and do not have that listed on your credit report, Ovation will send unlimited custom goodwill letters on your behalf to the creditor, in order to request an update in your standing.
  •  Ovation recommendation letter for future loans – Negative credit reports, even if they are erroneous, can make obtaining new credit difficult. Ovation Credit Repair will provide a letter of recommendation to new lenders at your request to help with this process.
  •  Credit monitoring with TransUnion – in addition to the work provided on your credit report, customers will also receive regular credit monitoring through TransUnion, which can help you observe your progress and understand how different items impact your credit score. 

Ovation Credit Repair Features

Ovation Credit Repair has a lot to offer potential customers. Credit repair is their main objective, and they utilize as many resources as possible to help increase your credit score and repair your credit report.

In addition to credit repair, they offer credit monitoring service, identity protection, and customizable optimization services if you’ve ever experienced identity theft or fraud. Once you provide your documentation to Ovation Credit Repair, they process new profiles very quickly, So you can rest assured they will begin your credit repair service as soon as possible. 

What type of negative items can Ovation Credit Repair help with?

Ovation Credit Repair has extensive experience helping customers remove:

  • Bankruptcies
  •  Collections
  •  Repossessions
  •  Foreclosures
  •  Charge-offs
  •  late payments
  •  hard inquiries and more 

Plan Costs and Discounts

Essentials – The essentials plan costs $79 a month after an initial $89 first work fee.

Essentials Plus – The essentials plus plan carries a $109 monthly subscription fee and has an $89 first work fee. 

Ovation Credit Repair offers a unique list of discounts not often seen with other credit repair companies. They offer a $50 credit if you upgrade between Ovation services or switch to Ovation from another credit repair company. They also have a referral program where you can earn $30 for referring an individual and $50 for referring a couple. 20% discounts are available for couples who use the service, and there is a 10% discount offered to members of the military. 

Pros (What we like)

  • Transparent services and pricing
  • Extensive education emphasis 
  • Month-to-month basis 

Cons (What we don’t like)

  • Unclear refund policy
  • No 24/7 availability 
  • Limited contact options 

Ovation Credit Repair Reviews 

Ovation Credit Repair is hyper-aware of its online presence, and they have direct links to their Google reviews and Better Business Bureau (BBB) profile on their website. Out of 88 customer reviews on the BBB, they have an average of 3.69 out of 5 stars, which is impressive for a credit repair company. They have an A+ accreditation and have been accredited since September 2004. They actively respond to BBB reviews and complaints and try their best to clarify any negative feedback.

They have a 3.6-star review on Google out of 599 reviews, which is consistent with the BBB profile and is a good sign for Ovation Credit Repair’s business model. Consumer Affairs rate Ovation at a 4.3 star out of 333 reviews which is exceptional for this industry.

Ovation Credit Repair Complaints

Many of the complaints about Ovation Credit Repair revolve around billing practices, service misunderstandings, and unrealistic expectations. Credit repair companies cannot guarantee positive outcomes, and if they fail to deliver an updated credit report, consumers may feel jaded or that their time was wasted. Another major complaint about Ovation Credit Repair is the lack of transparency with their refund policy, which is generally more transparent with top competitors, like Credit Saint.

What to expect after you sign up

You will most likely have a consultation with a credit analyst before you sign up for their service; during the consultation, the analysts will evaluate your credit report, look for inquiries and debts they can challenge, and ultimately recommend a plan for you to subscribe to.

Once you get started, you can expect regular updates from your assigned credit advisors, and if they need any other documents they will reach out with a request. 

How to Cancel Ovation Credit Repair

Canceling Ovation Credit Repair is straightforward, and you can do so online, over email, or over the phone. Although there are no formal contracts, and the service is a monthly subscription, you should still ensure that the service is canceled by getting verification from your credit advisor.

Refunds are available during months where there were no items removed from your credit report, but the terminology is vague, and there are no explicit circumstances detailed, so verify the refund policy with your advisor if you are dissatisfied with the Ovation Credit Repair service.


Do credit repair companies really help?

Although credit repair companies cannot guarantee an increased credit score for their customers; they offer considerable benefits instead of tackling credit repair on your own. Writing letters of goodwill, filing disputes regularly, and years of industry expertise will help expedite any credit repairs available to you and ensure you are not juggling lenders and credit bureaus by yourself.

What states does Ovation Credit Repair operate in?

Ovation Credit Repair operates across the country, and most consumers should have access to their credit repair services. However, there is a disclaimer on their website that certain services may not be available in all states, so be sure to clarify on your complimentary consultation with Ovation Credit Repair.

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