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Credit Saint Review

A healthy credit score is crucial to securing affordable financing. When consumers have good credit, interest rates drop, credit limits rise, and financial pressure lessens because debt is affordable. 

Unfortunately, credit scores can drop and make debt much more expensive and inaccessible. Missed payments, duplicate inquiries, charge-offs, bankruptcies, identity theft, and many other negative items can drag credit scores down.

Thankfully, credit repair companies like Credit Saint exist to help regular people correct errors on their credit report. Credit Saint has been serving its customers since 2004, and it has maintained excellent ratings for over a decade, which is hard to find within the credit repair industry.

This review will discuss how Credit Saint operates, what services they offer, and will help you decide if they could be a good fit for your financial situation.

Company Background

Credit Saint is headquartered in New Jersey and was founded in 2004. It specializes in helping consumers with poor and damaged credit identify negative marks on their credit reports, and then disputes them with the three major credit bureaus (Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian) if possible.

Consumers with damaged credit often struggle with understanding how they will move forward and rebuild their score. Credit Saint does an excellent job in providing complimentary consultations to ease nerves and help potential customers understand their situation and how they can help. 

Contact Information for Credit Saint

People interested in learning more about Credit Saint can visit their website at, reach them by phone at 1-877-637-2673, or directly through their online booking option. 

Along with Credit Saint’s core service lines, they offer many educational resources through their blog, which has articles detailing the various components of your credit score, how to manage money effectively, and even how to improve your score on your own.

How Does Credit Saint work?

The first step to working with Credit Saint is filling out a complimentary consultation request. If they believe they can help you improve your credit score, they will pull a detailed credit report and assign a team to your profile.

They will go line by line on your report to identify erroneous inquiries, marks that should have been removed, and even instances of identity theft. Once they find items on your credit report they can challenge and remove, they will send disputes to the credit bureaus on your behalf.

Throughout the process, Credit Saint may request documents from you to help expedite the process. The sooner you can provide supporting documentation, the faster they can try and improve your credit score. 

Plan Options

Credit Saint has three plans, all building on the tier before it:

Credit Polish

This is the base level service for Credit Saint and helps remove inaccurate and outdated items such as identity theft, collections, charge-offs, and late payments. The Credit Polish tier has a limit of up to five removals.

Credit Remodel

Credit Remodel takes the service from Credit Polish and includes removing up to ten negative items from your report, including repossessions and bankruptcies. This is a good option for consumers who have many derogatory remarks on their report or filed bankruptcy too long ago for the bureaus to report it.

Clean Slate

This is Credit Saint’s premier option, and it includes everything from Credit Polish and Credit Remodel, plus an unlimited amount of disputes and inaccurately reported items taken off your credit report from the credit bureaus and other public records.

Credit Saint Features

Credit Saint is known for its speedy service. They operate in 45-day increments and provide multiple updates to your account, along with handling many different removals on your credit score where they can find them.

Other features include an excellent 90-day money-back guarantee and a custom dashboard where you can monitor their progress.

What type of negative items can Credit Saint help with?

The three tiers of Credit Saint’s services can remove fraudulent, dated, and inaccurate items from your credit report, such as:

  • Late payments
  • Identity theft
  • Bankruptcy
  • Duplicate inquiries
  • Collections and Charge-offs
  • Repossessions, and more

Credit Saint cannot remove legitimate marks on your credit score, such as real debts you owe and legitimate credit inquiries, 

Plan Costs

Credit Saint has three different pricing options for its three plans:

  • Credit Polish – $99 initial setup fee and first month; $79.99 per month per person
  • Credit Remodel – $99 initial setup fee and first month; $99.99 per month per person
  • Clean Slate – $195 initial setup fee and first month; $119.99 per month per person

Credit Saint does not offer family discounts like many other credit repair companies, but they do waive the setup fee if you add someone else to your plan. Most consumers find themselves utilizing the Credit Polish and Credit Remodel services and have reported excellent results.

Pros of Credit Saint

  • 90 money-back guarantee.
  • Dedicated team to help with your credit situation.
  • Transparent updates and interactive dashboard detailing the work Credit Saint has performed on Your behalf. 

Cons of Credit Saint

  • Data is limited to web-based platforms without a mobile app.
  • No discounts for additional plan members.

Credit Saint Reviews

Credit Saint has maintained an A on the BBB and consistently brings in 4 and 5-star reviews for their work. Many credit repair companies have difficulty managing their image and delivering on.

The overall customer rating on BBB is 3.4 out of 5 stars generated by 34 customer reviews. Many customers reported that signing up with Credit Saint is a straightforward process, and they are an accessible credit repair company. There have been 52 complaints that have been closed over the last three years and many of them revolve around Credit Saint’s terms of service and the amount of work invested in the client’s credit repair. Credit Saint actively responds to most complaints and provides detailed responses to clarify client confusion.

Yelp reviews give Credit Saint a 3 out of 5-star rating and Trustpilot  3.7 out of 5. Many negative reviews claim Credit Saint does not improve their score, while the positive reviews rave about the company’s attention to detail and customer service. 

Credit Saint’s highest reviews come from Google and Consumer Affairs. With a cumulative 4.9 out of 5 stars between over 2,000 reviews, Credit Saint seems to be very popular and reputable. Many of the positive reviews reflect the customer care and 90-day money-back guarantee.

Credit Saint Complaints

There are not many Credit Saint complaints on the BBB or online, and the complaints that exist often arise from a misunderstanding of how credit repair companies operate. Credit repair companies cannot guarantee success for your credit score, but they can do their best to remove negative items.

What to expect after you sign up

Once you sign up, Credit Saint will connect you with a dedicated team of credit repair specialists who will handle your account and create a dashboard so you can monitor their progress. Credit Saint operates on a 45-day basis and will provide news and updates on your report every 45 days. If they could remove negative items or require additional documents from you, they would alert you as soon as possible.

How to cancel Credit Saint

You can cancel your Credit Saint subscription at any time, and if you request a refund for the first 90-days, they will credit your account and complete the refund. If Credit Saint works for 90 days and cannot help your credit, they will automatically refund you, which is a stellar customer service feature. 


Do credit repair companies really help?

Credit repair can be completed manually, especially if you are familiar with the different 

components of your score. However, credit repair companies often expedite the process if you have marks that can be dropped. Credit bureaus are more likely to respond quickly to a large company instead of an individual.

Credit repair companies cannot guarantee positive results and improved credit score because the Credit Repair Organizations Act prohibits such claims. Since negative credit marks can result from financial mismanagement, certain items cannot be dropped, such as legitimate debts and inquiries.

What states does Credit Saint operate in?

Credit Saint operates in 43 States with the exceptions of Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Ohio, Oregon, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, and South Carolina.

Credit Saint vs. Lexington Law?

Lexington Law is one of the oldest and most established credit repair companies on the market. They employ a team of licensed attorneys who are experts in credit law. If you have a complicated credit situation and you need a team behind you who can take legal action on your behalf, Lexington Law is one of your best choices. Their prices are higher, but there are not many credit repair companies as equipped with legal knowledge on the market as Lexington Law.

Credit Saint is one of the top-rated credit repair companies that has maintained a consistent A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and they offer monthly payment plans ranging from $79.99-$119.99 depending on the level of service you need to help your credit score. They are a good fit for consumers who want to learn more about their scores and how they can improve negative marks such as identity theft and charge-offs.

Sky Blue vs. Credit Saint?

Sky Blue and Credit Saint both offer reputable credit repair service companies who offer 90-day money-back guarantees. The main difference between the services is their pricing and service offerings.

Sky Blue offers a one-size-fits-all plan for $79 per month with a $79 initial fee. They work with their customers to file letters with credit bureaus and challenge negative items on their credit score. They also offer a discount for additional plan members, which is a strong differentiator between Sky Blue and Credit Saint. 

Credit Saint offers a more robust service offering with a three-tier system ranging from $79.99 per month for their Credit Polish Service up to $119.99 per month for their Clean Slate service.

Suppose you plan on having multiple people on your credit repair plan. In that case, Sky Blue is the more affordable option, and if you need more in-depth assistance with a complicated credit history Credit Saint has a wider array of services.

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