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The Best Credit Repair Companies for 2022

This guide will detail the best credit repair services and rank them among other top credit repair companies. 

Who are the best credit repair companies?

Credit Saint  – Best Overall


Credit Saint is the best all-around credit repair company for consumers who need various levels of credit repair assistance. They have excellent customer reviews from Google, Consumer Affairs, and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) gives them an A. Signing up with Credit Saint is straightforward, and they will notify you of credit changes every 45 days. They have a generous 90-day money-back guarantee which is one of the best in the industry. 

They offer three service levels, Credit Polish, Credit Remodel, and Clean Slate which all build on each other and provide Base level services, such as sending Goodwill letters to Creditors to provide unlimited monthly disputes on your behalf and escalating cases with the credit bureaus. 


  • Three service tiers provide options for many credit situations
  • Online accessibility and sign-ups
  • Competitive 90-day money-back guarantee


  • Expensive for couples and families due to the lack of a multi-member discount.
  • Legal focus is lacking compared to competitors.

Monthly Pricing:

  • Credit Polish – $79.99 per month per person + $99 initial setup fee and first month
  • Credit Remodel – $99.99 per month per person + $99 initial setup fee and first month 
  • Clean Slate – $119.99 per month per person + $195 initial setup fee and first month 

Sky Blue – Best Discount  Options


Sky Blue is another excellent credit repair company with the reviews and reputation to prove it. Discounts are an area in which Sky Blue shines because they are one of the few comprehensive credit repair companies that offer couples discounts for their services. Couples who sign up with Sky Blue will receive a 50% for the other partner if they both need credit assistance. 

Consumers will be relieved that Sky Blue has a competitive 90-day money-back guarantee. Once you complete your initial complimentary consultation, you will be connected with a dedicated service team to oversee your credit repair journey and assist you with credit best practices.


  • Excellent couples discount
  • 90-Day money-back guarantee
  • Great ratings


  • A single plan can be limiting for complex credit situations
  • Limited educational resources and budgeting tools 

Monthly Pricing:

The initial setup fee is $79, and monthly fees range from $79 to $ 109. 

Lexington Law – Best For Credit Law Specialists


Lexington Law is one of the oldest and most reputable credit repair companies on the market, and they have been serving their customers since 1991. They pride themselves in their credit law expertise which is invaluable to consumers with challenging credit situations. 

Lexington Law offers three service levels: Concord Standard, Concord Plus, and Premier Plus. Consumers who need basic credit repair services generally opt for the Concord Plus plan, Lexington Law’s most popular. However, consumers who need the most help with their credit reports should choose the Premier Plus plan, which provides custom cease and desist letters, dedicated FICO tracking, and more. 


  • A dedicated team of legal experts can assist with complex credit issues.
  • Mobile-app provides access to your profile whenever you need it to see updates to your credit.
  • Accessible business hours 


  • Polarizing reviews
  • Monthly fees can be pricey if you can’t utilize the service’s full capabilities. 

Monthly Pricing:

Monthly fees range from $89.95-$129.95

Ovation Credit Repair – Best For Educational Material


LendingTree’s foray into the credit repair industry has been a success since they offer credit repair services that fit a variety of financial situations. They offer two tiers, the Essentials Plan and the Essentials Plus Plan.

The Essentials Plan covers personalized disputes, access to a team of dedicated credit repair specialists, and financial management tools to help consumers get their credit and finances in order. The Essentials Plus plan includes additional disputes, goodwill letters, and even recommendations for future loans if you need more assistance.


  • Tiered system for credit repair
  • Personal finance tools
  • Brand recognition


  • Vague refund policy 
  • Contact options are limited
  • Business hours are limited

Monthly Pricing:


The Credit Pros – Best For Credit Access


The Credit Pros are one of the best choices for consumers who want to improve their credit reports and bolster their financial health. The Credit Pros have a notably different plan structure than other credit repair companies because each tier corresponds to an additional financial benefit. Money management focuses on budgeting and identity protection, while the Prosperity Package introduces credit repair services such as dispute filing and access to the Credit Pros’ in-house legal network.

The final tier is the Success Package which offers guaranteed credit through the Hutton Chase program, a $1,500 secured credit line. Since the Credit Pros offer a variety of personal finance tools in addition to credit repair services, they are an asset to many consumers who need help organizing their finances.


  • Comprehensive personal finance tools
  • Credit line access
  • Transparent pricing


  • Unclear credit repair benefits
  • Irrelevant services for many customers

Monthly Pricing:


What is credit repair?

Credit repair is the process through which a consumer endeavors to increase their credit score or eliminate negative items on their credit report to work towards rebuilding their credit score. Credit scores can drop for numerous reasons, including delinquent payment activity, identity theft, and erroneous reports by lenders to credit bureaus.

Credit repair covers many aspects, including filing disputes with credit bureaus, requesting debt validation letters from creditors, and challenging duplicate or rectified lines on a credit score. Consumers can perform most aspects of credit repair on their own, but if they are pressed for time or do not know where to begin, hiring a credit repair company can be a powerful and effective way to consolidate credit repair efforts and get back on the road to a healthy credit score. 

What can credit repair companies do?

Credit repair companies are experts in understanding and dissecting credit reports to identify areas of improvement, opportunities to dispute line items, including false reports or instances of identity theft. They can help expedite the credit repair process due to their Industry expertise. 

There are many subsections of credit repair, and different credit repair companies specialize in credit law, credit maintenance, bankruptcies, and more. 

What can credit repair companies not do?

According to the Credit Repair Organizations Act, credit repair companies cannot guarantee their ability to fix credit scores or improve your credit situation. Many consumers mistakenly believe that they can challenge legitimate debts and balances, but the reality is they are still responsible for paying those off.

Credit repair companies cannot assume financial responsibility for your credit report because they only file disputes on your behalf. 

Tips for working with credit repair companies

Finding legitimate credit repair companies is imperative because many predatory credit repair companies claim they will fix your credit quickly or guarantee they can boost your credit score, but will ultimately lead to a dead end.

Your primary goal in finding a credit repair company that fits your needs should entail research and due diligence. Some credit repair companies focus on credit law, which can be helpful if you have a complicated credit situation such as identity theft or a lender’s misrepresentation of your balance.

How do credit repair companies work?

Credit repair companies work with their customers to help them unveil discrepancies in their credit reports, file disputes with the credit bureaus if necessary and ensure items and marks on their credit reports are legitimate. Most legitimate credit repair companies begin with a complimentary discovery consultation to see if they can help a particular credit situation.

Suppose they believe they can assist the customer with their credit report. In that case, they will begin collecting information to build a profile, including documents like loan information, past-due notices, and more.

They will search for erroneous entries, identity theft red flags, and inaccurate debt information as they go through the credit report. Once they find contestable information, they will file cease and desists, disputes, and other measures on your behalf to provide a reprieve from the credit bureaus and lenders while you are repairing your credit. If you are unsure of your loan balances, credit repair companies can request debt validation documents that will detail exactly how much you owe and the interest rates.

The credit repair process will continue until you are satisfied with their progress, or they cannot go any further with your credit score.

How much does credit repair cost?

Most credit repair companies, including the ones reviewed in this article, charge an upfront first work fee followed by a set monthly retainer fee. Prices range from $79 to $195 a month, depending on the service you choose and the credit repair company you work with.

Although many credit repair companies have similar monthly fee structures, there is no standard refund policy. If you are budget-conscious or want to know your refund options, it’s essential to ask for and research refund policies before committing to work with a credit repair company. Some credit repair companies offer full 90-day money-back guarantees, whereas others are only 14 days. 

How to choose the right credit repair company

Credit scores are not one-size-fits-all, and neither are the criteria for working with the right credit repair company. Some credit situations are relatively straightforward and can be quickly resolved by sending disputes to the credit bureaus or by paying off past due balances. In these cases, it’s important not to overpay for credit repair services that you may not need.

Other situations require much more intense research, analysis, and legal work, which is where you should work with a credit repair company that specializes in credit law or a credit law firm that has in-house attorneys that can assist you. It’s essential to identify what kind of help you need to help repair your credit. Thankfully, most reputable credit repair companies offer a free consultation where you can discuss your current situation and potential remedies.

How can I repair my credit?

Credit repair is different for each individual, but you can take a few standard steps to improve your credit score and optimize your chances to remove negative remarks and items on your credit report.

The first step in repairing your credit is to request a free credit report from the credit bureaus to which you are entitled to. You can request your reports online, and your credit report should reflect all of the credit activity on your accounts bearing your name. Delinquent payments, liens, outstanding balances, and other remarks should all be present on your credit report, which will provide a baseline understanding of your credit situation.

If your credit report only has a few easily remedied derogatory remarks, you may want to reach out to the lenders or creditors directly to discuss repayment options and next steps.

However, if you have difficulty reaching creditors, or there are faulty and outdated items on your credit report, you may want to consider working with a credit repair company because they may be able to escalate your case quickly.

How long does credit repair take?

Since credit scores range wildly between individuals, there is no set time frame where your credit repair will be finished. Your credit score is calculated monthly with the three big credit bureaus, and many of the credit repair components will take 30 to 60 days to reflect on your credit score at a minimum.

Simple credit repair cases can be completed in as little as 90 days, or they can stretch over a year depending on your creditors, how quickly you can turn around paperwork requests, and response speed from the credit bureaus. 

The Bottom Line

While many credit repair companies are on the market, few have the transparent and affordable range of services provided by Credit Saint. They offer a generous 90-day money-back guarantee, in addition to a complimentary screening and credit evaluation before you need to commit to their service.

Credit repair companies can be an excellent resource for consumers who want to repair their credit but do not know how to get started or have the time to invest in learning the nuances of credit repair. It’s essential to look out for good reviews, accessible customer service Representatives, and certifications as you search for a credit repair partner. 

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