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Auto Credit Express Review for 2021 | Car Loans for Bad Credit

If you’re looking for a car and have poor credit, or even no credit, finding a car dealer willing to lend to you might seem like an impossible task. But some companies like Auto Credit Express specialize in this exact type of situation. They turn what seems like an impossible task into an excellent solution to your car buying problems.

But is Auto Credit Express legitimate? Before you begin the car buying process, read our review of and find out for yourself!

Company Background

Auto Credit Express is a company that connects borrowers with poor or non-existent credit with lenders willing to work with their situation. The company was originally founded in 1999 by Rich LaLonde, and was purchased in 2016 by Internet Brands to join with their other automotive companies like CarsDirect. Auto Credit Express has a dealership list of nearly a thousand dealers and works with dealers to teach them how to service subprime car loans.

Their marketplace matches dealers and lenders with customers who need this type of financing.

Contact Information for Auto Credit Express

One of the best features of Auto Credit Express is how easy it is to contact them. You can submit an email here if you have a basic inquiry.

They’re also happy to speak with you if you give them a call at 1-866-902-4403. They can help you apply for your car loan over the phone if you’d rather not complete the forms online. 

They even have a dedicated page where you can check the status of your loan request. Just click here and enter the requested information.

How Does Auto Credit Express work?

One of the things that makes Auto Credit Express unique is that they don’t actually sell cars. Crazy, right? Auto Credit Express networks with dealers on their list who do sell cars. They work with lenders and dealers across the country, so you’ll be sure to find an Auto Credit Express dealer near you.

Since they focus on the sub-prime lending market, Auto Credit Express reviews your credit and helps match you with dealers who cater to your specific needs. They can save you a lot of time filling out applications with lenders who don’t lend to people with your credit score level.

Auto Credit Express Loan Options

Through their network of dealerships, Auto Credit Express offers a number of different loan types: 

●      Buy here, pay here

●      Guaranteed auto financing

●      Auto loans after bankruptcy

●      Lease deals

●      No money down car loans

●      Second chance financing

In short, Auto Credit Express has a car loan for nearly any situation you may find yourself. Another service Auto Credit Express offers is loan review and refinancing. By reviewing your existing loan, they may even be able to help you refinance to get a lower payment.

Auto Credit Express Application Process

Auto Credit Express makes the loan application process very simple. First, you can either call them or go to their website to fill out the application. You’ll need to enter some basic information such as your name, address, monthly income, and social security number.

Once they collect all your information, you’ll find out if you qualify for a loan. Then you’ll be matched up with Auto Credit Express dealers and lenders in your area. In fact, Auto Express has the largest list of subprime car loan dealers in America. You’ll be sure to find a lender near you!

What fees does Auto Credit Express charge?

AutoCredit Express doesn’t charge any fees for users who use their website and application process. Instead, dealers and lenders who close referred sales pay a fee to Auto Credit Express. 

While Auto Credit Express doesn’t charge a fee to borrowers, the lenders that they work with may charge fees. Make sure to review all of your paperwork so you don’t get taken by surprise.

Pros (What we like)

There’s a lot to like about working with a company like Auto Credit Express. If you have poor credit, it’s frustrating to fill out application after application only to end up being turned down again and again. By completing a single application, you can quickly find a list of dealerships and lenders willing to work with you despite any credit issues you might have.

 They make the application process simple too, and we love that you can easily check the status of your application right on their website.

 You also get:

●      Access to lenders who are willing to qualify you for a loan even without looking at your credit score

●      The ability to lease or buy a car, based on your needs and what you are eligible for

●      The ability to qualify for a car loan, even for those in bankruptcy

●      The ability to use a cosigner on a car loan to help you qualify

●      Only a soft credit pull, until you are ready to go through with the loan

A company like Auto Credit Express can save you a ton of time and open up more options to you in your car buying process.

Cons (What we don’t like)

Since they’re in the subprime market, you should know that many of the lenders in Auto Credit Express’s network may charge high interest rates or have higher fees with their loans.

 You also may receive phone calls from other auto credit lenders, and you may even continue to receive calls after you’ve completed a loan.

Auto Credit Express Reviews

Since they’ve been around for a couple decades there are many reviews on Auto Credit Express.

 On the Better Business Bureau’s website, Auto Credit Express currently has nine complaints over the past three years. However, they currently have an A+ rating and have responded to many of their consumer complaints within days of the complaint.

 Auto Credit Express boasts a 4.6/5 rating on and 3.2/5 at Consumer Affairs.

Auto Credit Express Complaints

The majority of the complaints center around customers receiving phone calls from lenders or being unable to secure a loan with the dealers recommended by Auto Credit Express.


What credit score is needed for an Auto Credit Express loan?

Since they aren’t a lender, Auto Credit Express doesn’t have a credit score requirement. Each dealer or lender will have their own qualification requirements, and minimum credit score requirements will vary.

Does Auto Credit Express do a hard credit pull?

According to their website, Auto Credit Express doesn’t check your credit at all. However, the lenders they work with do check your credit to see if they’re a good fit for their program. Auto Credit Express states that you can expect your credit to dip five to twenty points while you’re searching for a car.  

Is Auto Credit Express legit (i.e. is it a scam)?

As a company that has been around for decades and helped over 1.8 million customers buy a car, it’s safe to say that Auto Credit Express is legitimate. They are a real service that has helped millions of people purchase a car.

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